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Workplace Consultancy

We work with stakeholders to make better use of their buildings and space assets, creating “healthy” sustainable spaces which are physically, socially, psychologically & ecologically appropriate solutions. Space use problems/demands are considered as unique, without a “one size fits all” solution.

Design Consultancy

Our design principles respond to users wellbeing values/specification to produce the required design solution. Where needed, we work closely with our associate, EventMap , in gathering space utilisation and behavioural data, where results are used to assist our evidence based designs for building users.

3D Modelling

ts2 model complex space use data to provide clear comprehensive visuals for clients to take strategic space use decisions from. We work with stakeholders to create appropriate, sustainable working, learning and research environments that contribute to this wellbeing at the workplace ensuring optimum efficiency.

Project Management

ts2 consultancy offer a bespoke solution that focuses and integrates change management with communications, together with the design and realisation of workplace strategies. Throughout the transformation ts2 will work with a client's change and move champions.

Move Management

We will work with a client to ensure full stakeholder engagement, ensuring that the transitional change addresses the requirements of business as usual. We capture the crucial data from clients and move management champions to ensure they stay informed throughout the move process.

Post Occupancy

Space use studies carried out by ts2 not only for problem solving and benchmarking, but as a fine tuning exercise for better building space performance, wellbeing factors and value for money.