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ts2 Workplace Consultancy

Helping businesses to develop their smarter working strategies, rationalise building use, create sustainable environments and deliver major programmes of change.

Health challenges are mostly lifestyle related and lifestyle can be influenced by work patterns/demands. Addressing these work requirements and making appropriate changes, we can influence our health by supporting wellbeing in the workplace. As wellbeing affects physical health as well as mental health and longevity, designing spaces that are good for you is important. ts2 work with clients to create appropriate, creative, sustainable working, learning and research environments that contribute to wellbeing at the workplace.

We are an independent consultancy with a holistic approach. We provide guidance on smart working products, covering next generation furniture as they are the tools and “landscaping” of a workspace. Correct furniture specification and choice is one of the key requirements to ensure optimum space use and its control in a smart working environment. These tools when used in conjunction with ‘space matchmaker apps’ can provide a "healthier" work environment where these software applications and platforms offers a stress free user experience for people seeking spaces, offering space on demand.